Meet The Team

Rimage is a great place to work. Just ask any of our employees, many of whom have built their careers at Rimage. We take pride in the work we do for our customers, and we thrive in a culture of open communications and teamwork. Our employees share our commitment to our core values: Integrity, Customers, Innovation, Communication, Leadership, Excellence, and Sustainable Profitability. We give back to our employees with strong wages, benefits, and recognition. Rimage is part of the Equus Holdings portfolio; ownership of Equus Holdings is an Employee Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP), a benefit plan in which employees in the Americas own private stock in the company.

A few employees share their THOUGHTS

Holly Girard joined Rimage in 2010 and is Finance Director, working in the Minneapolis office. With prior experience working in a very small company and then a huge corporation, Holly wanted more interaction and collaboration. She found that at Rimage. “I’m able to be involved in so many aspects of the business, which I enjoy. I love the people and how we really support each other, it’s a very friendly and inclusive environment. Everyone looks for input and feedback, and new ideas are welcomed.” Representative of how so many Rimage employees feel, Holly adds, “I know that I can make a difference.” holl-girard-square-1
Yuko Takahashi was with a partner company of Rimage before joining the company as Regional Sales Director in Japan. He recalls, “When I saw Rimage products 10 years ago, I was strongly impressed. ‘What an interesting machine it is!’ This experience drew me to Rimage sales.” Yuko enjoys working with all the staff in APAC, who he describes as very friendly and professional. He adds, “Not only APAC staff but also everyone in Minneapolis headquarters is very helpful. Every time I feel I am a member of the Rimage family.” Yuko-Takahashi-Square-1

Chris Heim, CEO

We have an amazing team of people at Rimage, with strong commitment and dedication to our goals. I’m proud of everyone here and how we have built a family that works so well together. We thrive on a culture of communication, collaboration, and celebration.

Highlights of recent aCTIVITIES

Meet-The-Team-04 We work hard every day, but we love to have fun too! You’ll find all kinds of employee events at our Minneapolis offices: our team pumpkin carving contest, a chili challenge, food truck lunches, ugly Christmas sweater contest, decorate your workspace for the holidays competition, monthly ice cream or donut celebrations for birthdays and anniversaries, Thanksgiving potluck with favorite dishes from your heritage, and more! There’s comradery, laughter, and good fellowship.
Meet-The-Team-05 Employees in Minneapolis gathered outside for a picnic lunch and company meeting as our guest speaker explained the intriguing process of rock balancing. With an eye toward the lessons of fulfilling individual roles and responsibilities, understanding how to work together, and achieving great success when you pay attention to the details, this outdoor lesson in rock balancing was both fun and challenging. Zong Yang, pictured here adding his fourth rock, was one of the talented folks who balanced five rocks that day!
Meet-The-Team-01Meet-The-Team-02 “We need a patio!” was the rallying cry at our Minneapolis headquarters. It became a do-it-yourself project, complete with drawing up plans, preparing a budget, recruiting volunteers, coming in early on warm summer days to dig up sod and lay down Class 5 rock, place over a thousand paver stones, erect a fence, build pallet furniture, assemble picnic tables, plant perennials donated from employees’ gardens, and yes, add a fish pond and waterfall. We now have a beautiful outdoor patio to enjoy during breaks and lunch, large enough for employee meetings and celebrations.

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