Author: Pete Steege

Pete Steege

Convenience is killing movie piracy

Beneath the more obvious trend that Netflix is replacing the movie DVD as the barometer for retail movie sales, this data from Google points to another surprising change:

Netflix streaming may actually be reducing piracy.

BitTorrent watchers are seeing the effects.

This trend could bode well for studios, particularly in countries where content piracy has been rampant. Studios don’t make as much from Netflix (today) as they do when they sell a DVD, but reversing piracy rates would be a very positive trend for their bottom lines.

What’s allowed Netflix to put a dent in piracy while others couldn’t? Convenience.

When streaming or downloading reaches a certain level of easy, casual pirates no longer encounter enough resistance to steal.

Netflix’s subscription model also makes content feel free on a view-by-view basis.

There will always be a market for free content that’s not supposed to be free.  But making content easy to consume seems to be a weapon for publishers to get fair price for their wares.

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