Author: Pete Steege

Pete Steege

Pottermore is the next step forward for digital publishing

J.K. Rowling’s Pottermore is a big deal that will change the publishing world. Here’s why:

We all know that digital publishing has become an integral part of how we consume content.  The ability to deliver content via the web has transformed the film, print and music publishing industries.

It began, as most new markets do, with a few innovators. It consolidated, as most new markets do, around dominant suppliers – Amazon and Apple to name a few.  They have had the ‘special sauce’ on delivering content widely and conveniently, cornering the market.

While consumers have rapidly adopted this new technology, they really want their content on any and all of their devices, not just those that the large publishers choose to support.

Now digital publishing is moving into a more mainstream, vendor-neutral phase, which will threaten the dominance of the early market leaders.

Pottermore is a great example of this change. Rather than go to the established publishers and ‘rent’ their publishing capability, Pottermore built its own store.  This gives them a convenience advantage.  As Pottermore CEO Ron Henwood said:

“We want to make sure anyone who buys it can read it on any device. We are talking to the Kindles, the Apples, the Googles, Barnes & Noble to make sure they are compatible. We set the pricing, we maintain the policy of making them available to as many readers as possible.”

Yes, Harry Potter is special.  But the road to broad adoption usually starts with someone with deep pockets and influence, and spreads from there.

Digital publishers take note: your customers are no longer content with consuming content on just a few of their devices.  Learn how to deliver your content to all of them. You have an opportunity to stand out now and avoid being left behind later.

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