Author: Pete Steege

Pete Steege

Atoms or bits? For enterprise video, the answer is “both”

Ray Hood, Qumu’s leader and a new member of the Rimage team, talks about how our customers and partners need video communications solutions delivered as both “Atoms” and “Bits”:

  • Some customers want Atoms – appliance-based implementations of the Qumu video solution that are ready to plug in and deploy.
  • Others want Bits – software that gets installed on physical infrastructures or delivered via the cloud.

One of Qumu’s strengths is that we can deliver atoms or bits – whatever is best for our customers. The Qumu Video Command Center works the same whether it comes in a server, as software alone or as a service.

Our partners value the flexibility to deliver the solution in whatever method makes the most sense for their business models and their customers’ needs.

Our customers need a solution that aligns with their current infrastructure strategy, and is able to accommodate change.

Many corporations, for example, have a physical data center strategy today, but are moving some or all of their services to the cloud. Qumu’s solution can make the jump with them.

It comes down to freedom of choice. As enterprise video infrastructures rapidly grow and evolve, flexibility and customization – out of the box – are necessary tools for success.

Photo courtesy of Eric Hamilton

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