Author: Pete Steege

Pete Steege

AT&T’s new data pricing – and how you can benefit

If AT&T’s new mobile phone data pricing plan looks familiar, that’s because it is. AT&T is adopting the same approach used by electrical utilities: charge more for customers that use the most, and charge a penalty for those using older, less efficient equipment.

It makes total sense, given that digital content deliverers like AT&T are looking and acting more and more like a utility. Capacity utilization is their key to success, and pricing is a tool to level load demand and maximize the dollars that can be earned with that capacity.

This “Utility Effect” is the new normal for digital content distribution. Whether you build your own networks or use services like AT&T’s, getting the most from your significant investment in content delivery infrastructure is essential.

Here are two ways to optimize digital content distribution capacity:

  1. Reduce long-haul traffic. Stage your largest and most-used content at the point of use. For example, some of our customers use Qumu’s Video Net Edge devices to position video content such as CEO webcasts in each of their facilities. That allows them to stream content once to each facility, then fan it out internally.
  2. Time-shift content delivery. ┬áSend content to customers before they need it, at a time when networks have excess capacity. Like washing your dishes in the middle of the night, this makes use of idle “free” capacity. This can be implemented with push-based content delivery systems like Rimage’s Signal online publishing solution.

Rather than rail against the inevitable, adapt to this new content distribution reality to gain a competitive advantage.

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