Rimage Media Kits

Rimage Media Kits deliver guaranteed performance with matched, prepackaged quantities of discs and printing ribbons. Rimage systems are designed to work with Media Kits to deliver consistent print quality and guaranteed data integrity.

Media Kits are available in various quantities to meet your production needs and are specifically designed for Everest thermal print coatings. CDs, DVDs and Blu-ray Discs™ in Media Kits are guaranteed to pick, clamp, record and print to your satisfaction.

  • Matched, prepackaged quantities of discs and ribbons
  • Economic and consistent supply costs
  • Guaranteed performance
  • Consistent output on every disc
  • Simplified purchasing and production


Save on supplies

The discs, ribbons and ink in Rimage Media kits are specifically designed for your disc publishing system. All components work together for faster drying times, extraordinary print quality and data integrity, and bundled pricing keeps the cost-per-disc low.

Superior Quality

Rimage thermal media provides the highest quality with the most dependability in the industry. Performance coupled scratch-proof, waterproof and fade-resistant technology provide for a superior optical disc.

Economical to use

Rimage printable media is designed for uniform coating on every disc, and that means complete ink coverage and longer lasting print head life.

Brilliant Color Results

Rimage printable media is matched precisely to your printer’s specifications, giving you accurate, exceptional results. Achieve the finest detail, the highest resolution and optimal color quality on one disc or hundreds.

Consistent output

Using other brands of ribbon and media can give you less than optimal results. Rimage ribbons and media are optimized to work with Rimage systems so you can get the most consistent output with every job.


Rimage Media Kits provide all the supplies you need in one convenient package.


Media Warranty


Rimage Ribbons & Ink

Genuine Rimage ribbons provide high print quality across media types. From the unprecedented speed and durability of Everest® printing to robust inkjet printing, Rimage ribbons and ink offer single and multi-pallet capabilities that result in beautiful images and clear, crisp text. Authentic Rimage full-color, monochrome and retransfer ribbons create bold images and durable professional discs for all of your data publishing, distribution and storage needs.

Key Features

  • Beautiful color resolution
  • Optimized for Rimage printers
  • Low cost per print



Everest Ribbons

Make a great impression.

With Rimage thermal ribbons, you get the very best from your Everest printer. The three-paneled CMY ribbons make full-color artwork come to life with levels of sharpness and detail unique to Rimage printers. For black and white images or simple black text, monochrome ribbons are ideal for high resolution, full-coverage, and superior grayscale printing. Retransfer ribbons bring it all together by fusing artwork to the discs, making sure that with every job—big or small—you’ll consistently print images and text that will not fade, scratch, or smudge for the life of the disc.

Everest Ribbon Features

  • Highest print resolution in the industry—600dpi
  • Fixed yields and predictable cost per printed disc
  • Provides scratch proof, waterproof, fade resistant and UV
  • Protected printing
  • Optimized for use with Everest printers
  • Available for purchase in single packs or in Rimage Media Kits


Get high quality at a low cost.

Rimage offers a selection of colored and monochrome thermal ribbons tailored to Prism printing. Enjoy high quality monochrome prints and vector artwork with solid black thermal ribbons, or add a full range of color with blue, red or three-panel CMY ribbons. No matter which ribbons you choose, you’ll benefit from the lowest cost per print for on-demand CD and DVD printing, plus clear, crisp text and images that last.


  • 2100 prints or more with black, red and blue Prism ribbons
  • 500 prints with three-paneled CMY ribbons
  • Waterproof and scratch-resistant images and text
  • Zero drying time
  • Proven to offer superior print performance as well as lasting durability in competitive assessment testing
  • Optimized for use with Prism printers

Inkjet Cartridges

Don’t compromise on quality.

Rimage offers inkjet cartridges that are reliable and cost effective. Get amazing color and print quality that will last for years. Ink cartridges are available in single packs and in Rimage Media Kits specifically matched to your inkjet printer, giving you the quality you expect at an excellent price.

Inkjet Cartridge Features

  • No pooling, smudging or over-saturation
  • Faster drying times
  • Reduced dot gain for better image detail
  • Beautiful color resolution
  • Available for purchase in single packs or in Rimage Media Kits

How To Order

To order consumables such as discs, ribbons, ink cartridges or media kits please contact your Rimage reseller or order online through the Rimage Webshop.  If you need assistance, select Contact Our Sales Team.

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