Rimage Fulfillment Services

Rimage offers global on-demand digital publishing solutions for all of your media and digital fulfillment. Using our Application Program Interface (API) or the online portal, backed by the Rimage production and order fulfillment team, create fully customized products with unique artwork and packaging. Either completely individualized or batched, the product can be ready to ship the very next day.


This video shows how adding Rimage Fulfillment Services (RFS) to your business workflow can improve efficiency and save money. Whether your needs are Manufacturing on Demand (MOD) or Short Run Duplication (SRD), RFS does it all for you!

  1. Optical Media

    RFS offers multiple options of CD, DVD, and Blu-ray disc™ size and surface types.
  2. Print Options

    For the most durable, permanent printing, with sharp high-resolution images, choose Thermal Retransfer (Everest). Print options also include inkjet and monochrome thermal printing (Prism).
  1. On-Demand Digital Publishing

    Whether you need individual customized discs printed on demand, or any quantity of the same disc, RFS does it all for you.
  2. Personalization

    Personalize your disc labels to make a big impact. Include your customer's name, their project, a date, or other pertinent details. Any fields that you provide can be easily added to your disc.
  1. USB Media

    For on-demand digital publishing using today's popular USB media format, select USB drives from Rimage Fulfillment Services.
  2. Flexible Capacity

    Choose the size you need. RFS USB sizes range from 4 GB to 128 GB. Available in both regular and micro drives.
  1. Convenience and Accessibility

    For on-demand digital publishing, USB drives offer ultimate convenience. Even laptop users will easily be able to insert the USB drive and access your content.
  2. Branding

    USB drives are fully customizable with your branding.
  1. SD Cards

    SD Cards are similar in nature to USB, but limited in that they cannot be customized themselves.
  2. Small Footprint

    With a small footprint, the SD card is an ideal storage medium for smaller, thinner and more portable electronic devices.
  1. Capacity to Meet Your Needs

    Sizes offered range up to 128 GB.
  1. External Hard Drives (HDDs)

    Perfect as a physical backup for large online storage files, our hard drives come in various sizes.
  2. Easy Distribution

    Have lots of data you need to distribute at the same time or to many users? With HDDs from Rimage Fulfillment Services, we'll burn the data and ship it securely to your destinations.
  1. Cloud Backup

    To support data kept in the cloud, HDD is ideal for restore and backup applications.

Partnering with Rimage Fulfillment Services

RFS provides an end-to-end solution. With our dedicated team of developers we can provide options ranging from a simple file transfer to full integration with your ERP or CRM systems.


Our online-based portal, complete with your own branding, is easy to set up and requires no API integration. Simply set up your branded site and you’re ready to offer your own on-demand fulfillment to your customers with real-time fulfillment and status reporting. Your customers can design the disc and packaging, add content, and save both for easy access down the road. With credit card processing, or optional monthly invoicing to you, your customer orders are on their way quickly and efficiently. We become your back-end fulfillment while you maintain the valuable relationship with your customer.


RFS offers a full Application Program Interface, enabling customization of fulfillment services under your own branding with your processing instructions, additional fields, information and personalization on the disc, menu and printed materials, and more. Order data including status, history, shipping and re-shipping is available through the API to ensure complete process control. The added benefit of order tracking allows for you to own the communication to your customer all the way through the process.


  • E-mail – RFS can receive and parse email notifications to create orders without an in-depth technical integration.
  • FTP/SFTP – RFS can securely download order content from FTP servers.
  • HTTP/HTTPS – RFS can access sites through HTTP/HTTPS to pull content.
  • CSV File – Provide CSV order information extracted from your internal systems or databases.


In a real hurry and just need some discs now? Even without creating your own branded portal, you can simply submit a job to the Rimage Fulfillment Services online site at www.rfshub.com(available through Internet Explorer, Firefox, and Safari). This is a great option to help eliminate the peaks that happen in your business.

Create Discs or Other Media Now



Rimage Fulfillment Services supports a variety of options as you consider how to deliver your digital content. Not only will you determine what media and packaging formats you prefer, but you also can fully customize your design for the disc label using tools provided within the software and/or through your API.

Media choices include CD, DVD, and Blu-ray optical discs, USB drives, SD cards, and external hard drives (HDDs).

Packaging choices include mailers, paper sleeves, jewel case, DVD cases, library case, and bulk spindles. In addition, Rimage Fulfillment Services will work with you to procure and supply other customized packaging.

RFS Media Options    RFS Packaging Options


Many companies have come to rely on Rimage Fulfillment Services to support their business. See what they say and learn more about how RFS helps their business be successful.

RFS Testimonials

Rimage Fulfillment Services Features

On-demand production with direct-to-end user fulfillment

  • Produce static and dynamic content on demand
  • Ship direct to end user, retail store, or warehousing agency
  • Branded email notifications to end user or client with status
  • Update of orders
  • API call backs to update order status

On-demand production with dynamic data

  • Vary content and data per piece produced on-the-go
  • Included customized messaging, serial keys, variable data per order
  • One at a time, at no extra cost

Mass mailings

  • Create unique media marketing pieces for mass distribution
  • Ability to upload entire address list
  • Ability to optimize mailing list to improve delivery time and postage costs

Bulk duplication

  • Quantities of 2+ units per order of the same content
  • Variety of packaging available (bulk spindles, media libraries, individualized packages, etc.)
  • Create for warehousing or retail opportunities

Light warehousing

  • Ability to warehouse and ship items on behalf of client
  • Can be included with media production items (manuals, dongles, etc.) or shipped alone
  • Full inventory tracking capabilities through scheduled reporting

Security and Quality Control

Rimage Fulfillment Services is driven by security and quality control. At the highestRFS-Security-Quality-Control-Image level, your content is securely transmitted to RFS or is stored on a secure off-site location. During fulfillment, RFS uses a unique data matrix bar code that matches the digital media, packaging and the customer order together. With bar code scanning during each step of production and fulfillment, Rimage ensures that the right content goes to the right customer.

From a quality level, RFS uses only the best products within the industry. Additionally, a visual inspection is given to the media to make sure it adheres to the requested level of satisfaction.

If your business or your customer’s business demands a high level of security, we have solutions to meet that need.


The RFS Command Console/API Quick Start Guide does an excellent job of detailing the requirements and methodology of how the Application Program Interface (API) works. Learn “how to” the following topics:

Quick Start Guide (Easiest way to get started)RFS-Order-Screen-Shot-Getting-Started

This document is intended as a high-level Quick Start Guide for the integration with RFS Command Console, and is focused on providing only basic requirements for ordering. Contents include:

  • Contact mechanism allows you to determine the service is live and active and ready to receive your order.
  • Instruction on how to post the order
  • An order confirmation is then sent notifying you that the order has been received and is processing.
  • Shipping confirmation is then sent.

Command Console (used with full API integration)

  • Posting an order
    • Determine the best method for you when sending jobs to the system. The flexible options allow you to determine the best method to send orders for your business.
  • Receiving order status
    • Set up the process that works for your business on notification of orders.
  • Cancelling orders
    • Know and understand how the system allows for you to cancel orders within a specified period.
  • Shipment Structure
    • Identify the process necessary for shipping the product by the method that is right for you.
  • Print materials options and guidelines
    • Understand the requirements necessary for you to have the exact printed materials that promote and demonstrate your product.

RFS Locations

Rimage Fulfillment Service facilities currently are located in both North America and Europe. With hubs in Minneapolis, Minnesota, and Frankfurt, Germany, we are positioned to accommodate most service lead times. Additionally, with the web-based portal, RFS is designed to service your clients globally. Future plans include more domestic and international expansion.

  • 10,000 square foot facility
  • Services North America market
  • Capabilities include all media types, packaging configurations, and shipping methods
Frankfurt, Germany
  • 13,300 square foot facility
  • Services entire European market
  • Capabilities include all media types, packaging configurations, and shipping methods

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