Soon to be discontinued ribbons

Everest® III Media Kits and Ribbons

At Rimage, our practice is to support all products for a minimum of five years after we replace it in the marketplace with an upgraded model or product. In the case of the Everest III, we have been supporting it with accessory products since it was replaced eight years ago in 2010. We will be ceasing production of Everest III ribbons and media kits in late 2018.

To ensure our customer’s continued success with high-quality disc publishing, we want to work with you during this transition. We encourage you to order enough ribbons/media kits to meet your future printing needs. Everest III ribbon and media kit orders place after September 1, 2018 will be fulfilled only while remaining supplies last.

Please contact your Rimage Parter or place orders directly on the Rimage Webshop.

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