Rimage Service includes more than just repair

Many people are already aware of the importance of having a Rimage Service and Support Maintenance Agreement on their Rimage system in the unfortunate event of a hardware failure. The good news is that a Rimage Maintenance Agreement offers other advantages as well, even when your system is running fine. Whether you need to protect your business from an untimely stoppage or if you just have some questions, Rimage Service and Support is here to help.

In addition to the very popular Rapid Exchange contract, which offers overnight replacement if a Rimage system does fail, Rimage also offers installation and training. Whether you want a Rimage technician to assist inimage003setting up a brand new system and making sure everything is optimized, or if you just need a personalized virtual training over the web to learn about the latest features, Rimage can help. Each training is tailored for your workflow and operators. This can include advanced training for a system administrator as well as day-to-day operation for standard users.

Rimage Maintenance Agreement customers in the continental United States, Canada, and Puerto Rico can also take advantage of Proactive Care Service (PCS). Rimage PCS minimizes downtime by have a Rimage Field Technician travel to your site to replace worn parts, confirm that the system is properly adjusted, and ensure the system is refreshed for peak production.  This service includes proactive printer exchange (with a new print head), recorder replacements (if over 5k discs), and updates/replacements of pickers (if over 50k discs), sensors, fans, and other items.

Your Rimage Maintenance Agreement also entitles you to all Rimage software updates. While minor updates that are focused on resolving software issues are available to all users, major updates that include new features and capabilities are only available on systems covered by a Rimage Maintenance Agreement. This includes new recovery discs that apply the latest Windows updates and other updated drivers to keep the embedded system running safe and secure.

Rimage Service and Support also provides phone, remote diagnostics and e-mail support to answer questions, provide advice, and help utilize best practices. Whether you contact Rimage Technical Support to ask how to use a new feature on the latest software release, or if you want to speak with a Rimage application engineer to review your entire workflow, Rimage is here to help. With a Rimage Maintenance Agreement, you also receive priority access to a technician when you call.

You don’t need to have a hardware failure in order to experience the benefits of Rimage Service and Support. So don’t wait, contact Rimage today and let us know how we can help!