Rimage encryption options keep your data secure

It sometimes seems like you can’t read a news article or watch a news report without hearing about another security breach with consumer data being stolen. Now, more than ever, protecting data is vitally important to businesses and consumers. Did you know your Rimage system has several different options to encrypt the content being recorded?

Rimage offers several encryption features right out of the box, usable both through Quick Disc and with integrations utilizing the API. These encryption options give you the ability to store and distribute content that is safe from prying eyes, utilizing 256 bit high security encryption standards. An added benefit of optical media over sending data electronically is the Write Once feature of optical. You do not need to worry about someone altering or infecting your recorded content.

tip-of-the-month-Sept-1-imageRimage offers three encryption tools that are seamlessly integrated into the Rimage workflow, allowing the same automation you’ve come to expect from your Rimage system.

  • PDF Encryption – Encrypt PDFs with password protection, so even if the PDF is copied to a hard drive later, the protection remains. Separate passwords can be set to allow access to the file but not access to modify the security settings, so the encryption can’t be removed without that second password.
  • ZIP Encryption – Encrypt any files with ZIP encryption, creating a password protected .zip file or a self-extracting file. Decide what files get encrypted and what files you want to leave out; you can even include instructions on how to get the password or other related information.
  • File Encryption – Encrypt individual files, including the file name which may itself contain sensitive information. Customers can then use the Rimage SpanRestore program to decrypt the files for access at a later time.

Rimage began including the first ZIP encryption in Producer Software Suite 8.2, but has continued to add features and the other encryption options in each release through Rimage Software Suite 9.0. Rimage recommends using RSS 9.0 or later for encryption needs, as it has the most options.

Whether you are protecting financial statements, health records, or customer data, Rimage systems offer encryption to help keep confidential data secure.