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Rimage systems are at the heart of healthcare information distribution solutions, supporting medical imaging and electronic medical records (EMR). Built on high-performing hardware and software, Rimage digital publishing systems integrate with PACS

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Law Enforcement

Optimized for the specific needs of law enforcement, Rimage systems save valuable investigation time. Copy and export digital evidence from a wide range of sources to CD/DVD/Blu-ray Disc™ media.

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Manage large amounts of secure financial data easily and efficiently. Eliminate paper statements and cut shipping costs, securely and efficiently managing financial records distribution and retention while meeting compliance requirements.

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Manufacturing on Demand

Produce CDs, DVDs, and Blu-Ray Discs only when needed rather than when first released. Save inventory costs, reduce warehouse requirements, and eliminate concerns about obsolete inventory. MOD is ideal for audio/video as well as for business data.

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Photo Retail

If your retail establishment offers photo processing and related merchandise, add a photo CD to your product portfolio. Help your customers safely preserve their treasured images using optimal media quality for convenient and accessible retrieval.

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Local, state and federal governments around the world rely on massive amounts of data. Records distribution, retention, archiving and access are easily handled with Rimage systems that provide high-capacity, secure, and reliable digital publishing.

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Information Technology

No one knows better than IT how data storage continues to expand exponentially. Meet business demands for record retention, content distribution, access, compliance, and archiving with cost-effective, long-lasting optical media.

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Sales & Marketing

Punch up your sales and marketing message with branded, cost-effective distribution of product literature, sales promotions, and special events materials. Optical media is ideal for distribution of technical documents and user guides and for cost-effective retention of large graphics files

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Specialty Services

Your service business can use a helping hand. Whether you specialize in weddings, funerals, consulting, event management, tech support, religious activities, infrastructure inspection, or any other area, Rimage will help you distribute your work to your audience with professional quality.

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Reduce digital archiving costs and simplify recall, while preserving critical data for decades. Optical media is efficient, reliable, and proven.

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Sports & Entertainment

In the world of sports and entertainment, we learn and improve by studying our performances. Record and review your highlights and lowlights for training and coaching opportunities. Capture winning games and amazing concerts for sale to your audience and extend your entertainment reach.

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Educators deal with ever-evolving course materials and critical deadlines. Provide your training courses and all reference documents on disc for efficient material distribution, while retaining version sets for each course.

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