Rimage systems are widely used in education and corporate training. Course work provided on disc by schools and universities makes materials accessible to students on demand, eliminating the need for WIFI access or carrying heavy binders and reference books. Corporate and trade association uses include producing discs for training and self-help materials and recording conference proceedings for distribution on disc.

Student Handouts

With Rimage disc publishing systems, your school district can standardize coursework, developing and distributing CDs to teachers, students, and support staff. Everyone will be on the same page and contents are easily updated to reflect the current curriculum and focus.

Distance Learning

Maintain your university’s distance learning programs with self-published CDs. Distribute digital course materials and interactive learning programs to facilitate student success and optimize faculty resources.

Student Projects

Provide your students with affordable DVD and CD recordings of school radio, TV and video studio productions, using Rimage systems to store and distribute unique student videos and projects. Each student can leave school with a digital portfolio of their school work, whether audio, video, or data.

Training & Self Help Materials

Provide your customers and customer support and sales staff with product training, reference materials, and video demonstrations on disc to ensure your customers know how to install and use their products. As a sponsor of an educational conference, prepare discs onsite to distribute presentation materials to attendees as the conference concludes.

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With a range of solutions to fulfill individual needs, Rimage disc publishing systems support the education market.

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