Legal firms use Rimage systems to help manage the vast amount of data that is collected, reviewed, and distributed. Optical media is ideal for long-term storage, and WORM (Write Once Read Many) technology ensures the data is tamperproof. Rimage disc publishing solutions are safe and secure – protecting your information from those who shouldn’t have it so you can easily provide it to those who should.

Case Management and Record Retention

Gathering data to support your case takes time and money. Your team needs to conduct discovery, study legal precedent, and analyze relevant files. Keep case files on optical media for reliable and cost-effective storage and accessibility, whether the case takes months or years.

Record Distribution

Provide relevant files on disc for cost-effective, timely distribution to clients and counsel. This delivery method saves paper, postage, time, and storage space while providing far superior access to data. With 256 bit high security encryption standards and password protection, sensitive data remains secure.

Legal Orders / Subpoenas

Corporations face a massive undertaking when receiving a legal order (subpoena) requiring document retrieval. Eliminate overwhelming paper copies, save time and money by securely distributing files on disc to corporate attorneys (prosecution and defense) and judges.

Mergers and Acquisitions

M&A activity involves gathering and reviewing tremendous sets of data. Upon closing, distribute relevant documents to the buyer and seller on CD, called a Closing Set or CD-Bible.

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With a range of solutions to fulfill your individual needs, Rimage has the best disc publishing systems to support your legal services.

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