Sales & Marketing

Telling a story is part of selling – whether you sell a product or provide a service. Your customers need to know what you have and how to use it. With on-demand digital publishing, you can provide easy access to product catalogs, marketing promotions, sales presentations, product literature, technical documents, conference proceedings, training courses, sample data sets, trial software, confidential price lists, press kits – the list is endless.

Customized Promotions

Make an impact by customizing your message to your audience. Provide all the information they need with a marketing promotion tailored to their interests. Send a sample disc they can use as a product trial before purchasing, or provide a video showing your product in use in their industry.

Conference Records, Presentations & Multimedia

Most conference planners struggle with getting all the presenters to provide their slide decks in advance. Even with the best intentions, last-minute changes to slide decks are inevitable. Capture your conference proceedings - slide decks, video footage of all presenters, and attendee lists - for distribution onsite before attendees go home. Include sponsor messaging for advertising impact.

Product Documentation

Put all your supporting documents on disc rather than printing them, for cost-effective digital distribution. It's easy to manage your inventory and ensure technical specifications, installation manuals, and user guides are always up to date. Include videos showing how to get started or how to use complex features, ensuring your audience gets the most out of their investment in your product.

Revenue Generation

The content you produce - whether courseware, research data, satellite images, or a new software program - generates revenue for your business. When you sell your work, sell a backup copy on disc for additional revenue generation.

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With a range of solutions to fulfill individual needs, disc publishing systems from Rimage help sales and marketing teams achieve top results.

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