Rimage Media Tester & Analyzer

In addition to its full line of disc publishing systems, Rimage offers a number of related products that are close to its business and will be valuable for you as a partner / customer. Whether Rimage-branded or not, Rimage works very closely with every manufacturer to secure the high level of quality you expect from Rimage.


The Rimage Media Tester & Analyzer is an affordable, fast, and compact tester designed to check optical media for playability. Detecting issues faster saves time and money, and ensures high-quality products that will satisfy your customer demands.

  1. 1

    Internal Disc Drive

    Specially selected and modified CD/DVD/BD drive View Detail
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    Front Connection Panel

    Two USB 2.0, Audio IN/OUT View Detail
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    Embedded Computer

    Intel® Celeron G1840 2,8 G, 2 x 2048 MB DDR3 RAM, SATA 3,5“ 60 GB SSD, Graphic onboard
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    6x USB 2.0, 2x USB 3.0, 1x HDMI, DVI-I, LAN, Audio View Detail

Additional products that drive your business forward and help you to optimize your processes

High quality products, like the Rimage Media Tester & Analyzer, have been qualified / modified by Rimage in order to give you the best customer experience and the level of quality you expect from Rimage.

Rimage developed its Media Tester & Analyzer to provide a fast, accurate and cost-effective measure of compact disc quality. It is designed to help bridge the gap between compact disc standards and consumer player compatibility. It provides a relative measure of disc quality at multiple chosen playback speeds to help the user determine product “playability.” With this accurate information of the readability of your currently tested media, you don’t need to worry about archiving media that is already close to becoming unreadable. Simply use the information to create a copy of your backup to keep your data readable.

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Supported Formats

  • BD-ROM – SL/DL (optional)
  • BD-R / BD-RE – SL/DL (optional)
  • DVD-R / DVD+R – SL/DL
  • CD-ROM
  • CD-R / CD-RW
Measured Signals
  • BD:  Jitter, RSER, SERc, FE, TE, ASY, Modulation (optional)
  • DVD: Jitter, PIE, PIF, FE, TE
  • CD:   Jitter, BLER, E32, FE, TE
Read Speed (selectable)
  • BD:    up to 8x  (optional)
  • DVD:  up to 16x
  • CD:    up to 48x
Included Software
  • WINDOWS 7 Professional 32 Bit SP1 English
  • DaTARIUS iDS Version
  • Adobe Reader X
  • Teamviewer 6
PC Configuration
  • Housing: Shuttle XPC-SH81R4 black
  • Processor: Intel® Celeron G1840 2,8G
  • Memory: 2 x 2048 MB DDR3 RAM; HDD: SATA 3,5“ 60GB SSD
  • Specially selected and modified CD/DVD/BD drive
  • Graphic onboard
  • Interfaces: 8x USB 2.0, 2x USB 3.0, 1x HDMI, DVI-I, LAN, Audio
  • H: 19,0 cm / B: 21,5 cm / L: 32,5 cm
Peripheral Equipment

Standard monitor (with HDMI interface for Blu-ray Discs™), USB keyboard (QWERTY), USB mouse, USB printer (monitor, keyboard, mouse and printer are not included)

Special Features
  • Limit checks: individually selectable limits for “green,” “yellow” and “red” status indication
  • X-scale view: in MB or radius across the complete data zone
  • Measurement strategies: full, partial or spot measurements – individual test positions per layer
  • Multi Test Function: choose your own order of tests (Transfer rate, Jitter, RSER/SERc, FE/TE etc.)
  • Data Export: save your measurement results to your own measurement database
  • Dual Screen function: extended desktop, multi monitor display
  • Sector Viewer: enables targeted problem determination
Height 19,80 cm
Width 21,60 cm
Depth* 33,00 cm
Weight 3,6 kg
* Allow space (9 cm) in rear of machine for cabling.


Here are some typical user scenarios where the Rimage Media Tester & Analyzer is very effective:

  • Quality Testing – Industrial and Government customers produce important data on optical discs and send them around the world. A disc (CD/DVD) costs a few cents but it can cost 1000 € and lost time if it’s not readable at customer side. The Rimage Media Tester & Analyzer is used to provide assurance that the shipped disc has always perfect quality.
  • Service Provider testing – The Service Provider can test produced customer discs (CD/DVD/BD) to check quality and avoid complaints. This will improve their customer satisfaction and ends up in a higher Net Promoter Score.
  • Storage testing – No matter if you archive your valuable data for documentation, copyright protection or anything else, you always should check the readability of your disc now, to ensure it will be fully functional and readable when you need it months or years later.

There are many benefits to the Rimage Media Tester & Analyzer:

  • Economical device for all optical media users
  • User-friendly operation and service
  • All formats CD/DVD in one unit
  • CD up to 48x, DVD up to 16x
  • Easy-to-handle quality assurance
  • Increased efficiency, less waste
  • Different measurement strategies full, partial and layer change
  • Including sector address viewer – to easily find and watch problem areas
  • Completely self-contained; no additional computer required

The Rimage Media Tester & Analyzer is a result of a joint project between Rimage Europe GmbH and DaTarius. The System is controlled from a standalone host computer in a small form factor, running Windows 7. The host application builds on the flexibility of the known DaTarius user interface and offers virtually any level of analysis.

The presentation methods suit both the most advanced users and line operators, offering single key test sequences and presentation in simple mode. In order to guarantee the best and easiest experience, Rimage configured the system to startup directly into the Datarius User Interface. Standard test sequences are prepared for easy operation without the need of training.

The enclosure is furthermore designed to ensure optimal signal properties and controlled airflow. The exterior design has a very small footprint so it can fit in nearly every working environment.

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