X5 Copy Station

With over 25 years of experience Rimage is a world leading supplier of CD/DVD Robotics and complete media solutions. Now we use our deep knowledge of individual disc publishing and the partnership with X-Net to create the fastest and most versatile flash production solution on the market.


Together with X-Net, an innovative IT company with the vision to make new technologies from the Open Source area available to SMEs, we are proud to distribute a flexible, module based
19“ rack mounted flash publishing system that can be integrated into workflows or used standalone .


The X5 offers total flexibility of media types and can grow in scale with the demand. The main focus of the system is on secure, individual high speed production.


X5 is designed to be deeply integrated into customer workflows and to deliver media, labels and related paper documents from a single source.


X5 outperforms existing Flash Copy Towers by far in speed and flexibility.

  1. 1

    Supported types of flash media:

    USB, SD, Micro SD, CF, SSD, EEPROM
  2. 2

    Modular system:

    10 ports per module, more modules can be added
  3. 3

    Powerfull SW:

    Open RC can be used via WebClient or totally integrated via API into existing workflows
  1. 4

    High Security Concept:

    Linux based - verification of every recorded stick - flexible WORM features
  2. 5

    Individual Publishing System:

    Full speed on every port - asynchronous recording - parallel independent jobs
  3. 6

    Usefull Add-ons

    Different label printers from B/W Brother to full color Zebra as well as barcode scanners

Rimage USB Flash Drive

Our Flash Drive combines faster data speeds and generous capacity with industrial grade components. With storage capacities up to 1 Terabyte, the drive can accommodate your bulkiest media files and documents. All Rimage Flash Devices are designed to work perfectly with our X5 system, guaranteeing you highest performance and reliability. With the optional WORM feature you are prepared to meet the highest security standards.

X⁵ – copy systems are designed to support customised workflows and copy processes tailored to our customers’ specific needs. Application ranges from automatic storage of individual product-specific data to Just-in-time production and simple copy processes. When implementing a storage process we consider and incorporate your entire production workflow and adjust the X⁵ – copy system to your specific needs.

In addition to recording and verifying the data on data carriers, encryption mechanisms, authentication processes and communication security are also taken into account. That is why the X⁵ system can be used worldwide. The combination of special software and hardware components allow individual security strategies that cover the whole life-cycle of a product.

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Technical Specifications
19“ Copy module

  • 19“ Copy module
    Main memory: 16 GB RAM
  • CPU: Intel Xeon Silver
  • 1TB M.2 SSD cache storage per module (High Speed PCI-E)
  • Number of Slots: 10
  • Max. write speed per slot: 200 MB / sec
  • 1 HE 19“ standard size / 400 mm depth
Copy system
  • Individually configurable
  • Max. number of copy modules (per X5 – System): 8
  • Display: 19“ touch-screen
  • Printer can be integrated
  • 19“ rack available in different heights
Software Specifications
  • Multiple interfaces (JSON, REST API)
  • Supports writing directory structures or image to the devices (USB, SSD, SD, …)
  • Verification (data integrity can be checked after writing)
  • User friendly webinterface with support for all device sizes (pc, tablet, mobile phone)
  • Orders can be created with the easy to use web order creator or using our json order format
  • Extremely customizable orders via our advanced json order format (e.g. partitioning, file system, data from multiple sources, …)
  • REST API for status of components and orders
  • Based completely on open source software
  • Customer gets the full source code
  • All components can be adapted to the customer’s needs
  • Linux operating system (Ubuntu)
  • Implemented in python
  • Installation and support can be done completely remote
Included Software
  • WINDOWS 7 Professional 32 Bit SP1 English
  • DaTARIUS iDS Version
  • Adobe Reader X
  • Teamviewer 6
PC Configuration
  • Housing: Shuttle XPC-SH81R4 black
  • Processor: Intel® Celeron G1840 2,8G
  • Memory: 2 x 2048 MB DDR3 RAM; HDD: SATA 3,5“ 60GB SSD
  • Specially selected and modified CD/DVD/BD drive
  • Graphic onboard
  • Interfaces: 8x USB 2.0, 2x USB 3.0, 1x HDMI, DVI-I, LAN, Audio
  • H: 19,0 cm / B: 21,5 cm / L: 32,5 cm
Peripheral Equipment

Standard monitor (with HDMI interface for Blu-ray Discs™), USB keyboard (QWERTY), USB mouse, USB printer (monitor, keyboard, mouse and printer are not included)

Special Features
  • Limit checks: individually selectable limits for “green,” “yellow” and “red” status indication
  • X-scale view: in MB or radius across the complete data zone
  • Measurement strategies: full, partial or spot measurements – individual test positions per layer
  • Multi Test Function: choose your own order of tests (Transfer rate, Jitter, RSER/SERc, FE/TE etc.)
  • Data Export: save your measurement results to your own measurement database
  • Dual Screen function: extended desktop, multi monitor display
  • Sector Viewer: enables targeted problem determination


Internal production & SW Deployment

  • In industrial production X5 systems optimize the possibilities to deploy always latest and per order individualized SW to the produced devices
  • Every device can have individual SW and encryption. This prevents hacking and simplifies production workflows


  • The X5 system enables high security production of confidential data with individual encryption

Fulfillment Services

  • Customers can produce flexible media types on demand 1:1 or 1:x
  • Each medium can be labeled individually with text and barcode
  • X5´s Open RC SW can also produce all related shipping documents

Outsourced production

  • The X5 system allows cost efficient outsourced production and ensures full SW controll
  • X5 can be used at the production location but all data is controlled remotely by the client
  • All data is encrypted on the X5 system. Remote location cannot modify any data

Each data carrier can automatically be recorded with unique data (e.g. encryption, individual software key). This allows highest security standards as each mass product is delivered with customised software. If one gets hacked, products from the same series will not be leaked too, as they can have different individual specifications.

X⁵ automates the production of 1:1 copies integrated into the environment of mass production. Before the actual copy process starts, X⁵ pools data together from different sources (e.g. file server, databases, ERP, PPS) and prepares data individually for one (1:1) or many (1:n) data carriers. Various data preparation processes (e.g. document production, matching of data, encryption, video formats) are supported.

Hardware and software are designed modularly. The number of recording modules can be adjusted according to the required throughput and data volume. A later extension of additional modules is possible. Recording jobs can also be distributed among several X⁵ systems.

Different Data Carrier
Recording on different types of data carrier happens parallel through using adapters and/or various modules. The system automatically recognises the type of medium and starts the defined recording process. Media sets can be recorded in one working process.

Just-In-Time and Asynchronous
Recording (and validation if required) of data take place asynchronously. The copy process starts immediately after insertion of a data carrier and/or all information concerning the product is available in the centralised data storage.
Idle periods while loading or unloading X⁵ are reduced to a minimum. Reliability is increased as faulty copy processes are taken over through other slots immediately.

The clustering of (de-centrally located) X⁵ systems enables peak production. Data carrier are recorded on demand and contain respective data assigned to different products. Each slot indicates completion individually and can be assigned to the corresponding product accurately.

Uninterrupted Copy Process
Every single one of the up to 80 slots is used asynchronously and records data on different storage media with up to 200 Mbyte per second. After the recording process, a validation of the data takes place. The recording of special security media (e.g. dongles) is supported. In case of faults (defective or faulty data carrier) in one slot, all other slots are still working without any impact. Faults are displayed immediately and the affected recording process is continued in another slots or after removal of the defective and insertion of a new data carrier.

Simple Handling
X⁵ is controlled over web interface. Therefore, a monitor and a keyboard are connected (e.g. a table PC). LEDs at each slot display the status of the production. The flexible interfaces and adjustable software plug-in mechanism facilitate optimal integration of the X⁵ copy system into a company’s workflow, e.g. through connection with central ERP or PPS systems.

The X⁵ copy system is the most flexible storage media management system on the market. The use of adapters enables the simultaneous storage of data on various media types or on media sets. This ensures that the X⁵ can be geared up for future generations of media. X⁵ copy systems can be extended with additional features and modules subsequently. Long term availability of components and spear parts ensure a long life time.

The software framework with OpenRC has a very flexible interfaces. This allows different data sources, job orders, upstream and downstream processes, etc. to be connected easily and flexibly. The display can be adapted to customer-specific conditions through adapted workflows and processes. Signal lamps and On-screen overviews show the current status of production in real time and enable easy operation by the responsible employee. Three areas, Touch Screen, Web Interface, SW Interfaces (XML, REST), are available to to check the X⁵- copying system and to monitor the status of each single data carrier.

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