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Client API
Rapid API
Network Publisher


装置の制御をRSSで実施するため、以下の項目を除き機種を意識する必要がありません。装置に実装されているビン(ディスクスロット)の数例えばCatalyst製品の場合は3個、Allegro 100は2個になります。





  • 発行ジョブの投入 Rapid APIから実施
  • テータス/進行状況の管理 Client APIから実施
  • ラー制御/解除 Client […] 詳細はこちら

Mixed Environments

When one system just isn’t enough, adding additional Rimage systems to a production environment is a great way to increase capacity and flexibility. While it is always ideal to add systems of the same model type and software version, this isn’t always possible. Rimage plans for this and endeavors to allow a wide range […]


Security and Your Rimage System

It seems like every day there is news about a new virus, computer break-in, or data theft making headlines. Rimage systems require a computer running Windows to operate, and are designed to take advantage of being networked. This means that your Rimage system is potentially […]


Get the Best Color From Your Rimage System

Whether you use a Rimage Everest printer or a Rimage inkjet system, there is a rich variety of color that your printer can produce. If you have ever tried to match a very specific color or have gotten an unexpected result when trying to print a […]


Networking Your Rimage System

Ease of use through networking
Many people work with the Rimage system directly, using a keyboard and mouse connected directly to an embedded Rimage system, or to the computer that is connected to a non-embedded Rimage system. There is another way though, especially if you have […]


End User Serviceable Parts

It would be nice if anything we used just always worked and never needed maintenance. As we know though, cars need oil changes, lawn mowers need their blade sharpened and furnaces need filters replaced. Rimage systems also need maintenance, but the systems are engineered to […]


Rimage Software Updates and Operating System Support

If there is one constant in the realm of software, it is that it is always changing. New software features are added all the time and new operating systems are released nearly as often. This is also true for the Rimage Software Suite. Knowing if you should update, how it benefits you […]


Rimage Order Archive Manager™

New with Rimage Software Suite 9.1, the Order Archive Manager provides a way to organize and retrieve information about discs that you produce. Whether you want to track usage by department for billing purposes, review an audit trail of who has recorded what […]