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MI Clinic Depends on Rimage MDS to Publish and Import Images

Case-Study-MI-Clinic-Building“With Rimage MDS-5400N, we have improved the efficiency and accuracy of our work at MI Clinic, and disc publishing and import are no longer annoying tasks. Plus, we love the web-publishing function from several client PCs.”

Chief Radiological Technologist
PET-CT Cancer Check Center, MI Clinic

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MI Clinic in Toyonaka City, Osaka, Japan


  • Record increasing volumes of medical scans to CD/DVD
  • Improve staff productivity
  • Improve quality of disc labels
  • Reduce waste of CD/DVDs


  • Professional Disc Publishing System
  • MDS Web Client

MI Clinic is one of the leading image diagnostic centers in the Hokusetsu region of Osaka, Japan, and is located in the city of Toyonaka. MI Clinic enables clinics and hospitals in the region to provide high-quality medical examinations for their patients, using the latest models of PET-CT and MRI systems. With their affiliation with MI Clinic, regional medical providers can offer the best solutions for the patient and improve quality of life by detecting diseases such as cancer in earlier stages. To exchange patient information, MI Clinic uses a Rimage Medical Disc System, the MDS-5400N. This DICOM system is integrated with the PACS to enable import and export of various imaging modalities.


Patient image data is stored in the PACS system. In order to transfer that data to the patient or to referral doctors and clinics, the data is retrieved from the PACS system via DICOM network communication and written onto CD or DVD optical discs.

Today, the clinic sees 20 PET-CT patient scans and 30 MRI patient scans every day. All of the PET-CT scans, and half of the MRI scans, are recorded to CD/DVD. As the use of film continues to decline in favor of digital X-rays, demand for optical disc publication for medical exam data transfer has been increasing each year.

Before installing the Rimage MDS system, MI Clinic had to manually make the CD/DVDs by burning the disc from the modality console or workstation, then individually print the labels using a consumer-grade inkjet printer. This was a time-consuming process, and was especially challenging when the staff was busy with PET-CT and MRI examinations.

Particularly frustrating was that quite often, the inkjet printing was blurred or damaged, and the disc therefore could not be given to the patient. Not only did this result in increased costs for ink cartridges and replacement CD/DVDs, but it also took additional staff time to rework. At the same time, the number of discs that needed to be imported into the PACS had increased up to 15-16 per day, adding to the burden on staff productivity.


To solve the problem, MI Clinic had numerous meetings to discuss what kind of system was needed. After considerable presentations and demonstrations by various vendors, MI Clinic chose Rimage MDS over the others for these reasons:

  • The Rimage sales and sales support staff took the time to understand MI Clinic’s needs and put action steps in place to help MI Clinic achieve their goals
  • Rimage MDS had the best and simplest graphic user interface (GUI) for both disc publishing and import
  • Rimage MDS, with is integrated thermal retransfer printer, offered the highest quality of label print

THE RESULTSCase-Study-MI-Clinic-Group-Photo

Automated Process Increases Productivity

One of the biggest benefits that MI Clinic realized with the MDS system is the full automation of the disc creation process. This greatly reduced the volume of their daily work, and MI Clinic notes that they can hardly imagine that they used to do all of this manually, one disc at a time.

Remote Disc Creation Using Web Client

With the Rimage MDS web client, users can remotely access the system to produce discs, which aids significantly in establishing and maintaining an efficient workflow. At MI Clinic, the MDS-5400N is located near the PET-CT control room on one floor, and MRI staff on another floor can easily access the system. Previously, other staff needed to call within MI Clinic and verbally provide details to request a disc, adding time and risk of incorrect results if either party had any trouble hearing the correct information. Now with the MDS, staff in the first floor reception area can also easily import discs from outside clinics and hospitals. This remote access is all made possible with the web client to the Rimage MDS.

When MI’s clients want diagnostic reports on CD/DVD, it is easily and accurately available using the Rimage MDS system, a valued benefit that MI staff and referral doctors appreciate.

MDS Brings Stable Operation, Reliable Results

As a valued service provider to hospitals and clinics in the region, MI Clinic prides itself on providing timely, reliable, and accurate service for patients, client clinics, and hospitals. Not only does MI Clinic provide the PET-CT and MRI exams, but it must return the results of that exam on CD/DVD to the patients or referral doctors on time. MI Clinic appreciates the performance and reliability of the Rimage MDS system, enabling MI Clinic to meet its objectives as it serves its customers.