Did you know you can span discs?

You already know that your Rimage Disc Publishing System can create and duplicate CDs, DVDs, and Blu-ray™ optical media. But did you know that you can span discs? If you have a huge volume of content, you don’t need to spend any time figuring out how many files – or worse yet, which ones – will fit on each disc. Worrying about capacity management is not how you want to spend your day, and one CD (700MB), DVD (4.7GB), or Blu-ray (25GB for single-layer, up to 128GB for quad-later) may not have the capacity for the project at hand. Instead, just let the Rimage system take over and span the content across multiple discs.

When you have content that exceeds the capacity of the disc, the exact behavior will depend on your client software. With Rimage QuickDisc, the software will automatically warn you and ask if you’d like to span that content over multiple discs. Other client software like Rimage Surveillance Publisher will always default to spanning. When designing labels, you can add a field that the Rimage system will use to automatically add text indicating disc N of NN. As the project is in process and the Rimage system is recording the discs, you’ll see messages such as “Assigning Files to Spanned Volumes,” followed by “Writing File N of NNN (Volume 1 of 8)” for example.


Later, when the discs are completed, you can put any disc from the set of spanned discs into any computer and easily restore your content. Simply access the files on the disc directly like you would if the content was not spanned. Spanning does not alter the data or use any proprietary formats.

Alternatively, the optional Rimage SpanRestore program can be included on each disc. Simply click on “SpanRestore.exe” on any of the discs to run a powerful dialog box that lets you see everything you’ve spanned across all the discs, and select the desired files. You don’t have to worry about what files are on what discs. When you request a file from on a disc not currently in your disc drive, the drive tray automatically opens and you see a message such as “Disc #3 is currently in the drive. Disc #7 is needed to continue restoring the current file. Please put Disc #7 of 8 into the drive and click OK.” It’s that simple!

Curious how many discs your project can span?
That answer is 99, which allows a capacity of more than 69GB if CD, 465GB if DVD, or even greater with Blu-ray.


This feature is a great way to not have to worry what files are where – just let the Rimage system do it all for you!