Rimage Software Updates and Operating System Support

If there is one constant in the realm of software, it is that it is always changing. New software features are added all the time and new operating systems are released nearly as often. This is also true for the Rimage Software Suite. Knowing if you should update, how it benefits you and what considerations you need to take are all an important part of owning a Rimage system.

 Why update?Rimage-Software-Suite

The most obvious reason for updating software is to take advantage of new features. Rimage adds new features to every release. You can find highlights of each release defined in the Software History chart. Even if you’re happy with your current workflow, there may be features that would make it easier or more efficient.

Even if you don’t need new features, it’s still a good idea to consider an updated version of software. Improvements can be subtle, such as improving the ability for the software to recover from an unusual error state, or offering better operator visibility to what is happening. An updated Rimage Software Suite is designed to work with the latest operating system updates, driver updates and other various pieces of software. As these things change, so should the Rimage Software Suite.

 Current Operating System support

One of the recent updates that requires a new Rimage Software Suite is Windows 10. Older versions of Rimage software were designed before Windows 10 was released, meaning there may be glitches or features that just don’t work. The good news is you can certainly upgrade to Windows 10, but Rimage recommends Rimage Software Suite (RSS) 9.1 to ensure a good experience.

 What should I consider before updating?

While there are many benefits to updating your Rimage Software Suite, there are a few things to consider first. Just as RSS 9.1 and Windows 10 are intended to work together, older Rimage software was designed to work with older operating systems. If you must continue using older operating systems, you may want to check with Rimage prior to updating your software. RSS 9.1 does not support Windows XP, for example.

Likewise, if you use other software in your workflow, you will want to check the requirements for those pieces of software as well. While you may be able to use Windows 10 and RSS 9.1, that won’t help you if the integrated software you use to submit jobs is not compatible with Windows 10.

Great, how do I get new software?

The good news is software updates from Rimage are included with any service contract. If your system is covered by a Rapid Exchange or other contract, software updates are available upon request at no charge from Technical Support.

You can get a link for a download of just the Rimage Software Suite itself if you want to update an existing system. You can also request a bootable Recovery Disc preloaded with the latest OS updates, driver updates and Rimage software.