System Watch Keeps Tabs on Your Rimage System So You Don’t Have To

tip-of-the-month-Aug-1-image.jpgRimage® offers several tools to monitor the status of Rimage systems, whether you have a single system or a whole room of them. Most Rimage users will already be familiar with actively used tools like Rimage System Manager or WebRSM™. With the release of Rimage Software Suite 9.0, Rimage has introduced System Watch™, a new tool that allows the Rimage system to proactively alert you. This ensures you have immediate access to the Rimage system status, without having to periodically open up one of the other management tools.

Originally introduced to Rimage Law Enforcement customers with the Rimage Surveillance Software, System Watch runs in the system tray on a computer. The disc shaped icon remains unobtrusive and out of your way when it is not needed, but will change colors if it needs your attention. It can also pop up an alert window when the system needs user intervention. The alerts can be configured so that they do not unnecessarily distract you from your other activities.

System Watch can connect to multiple Rimage systems and can be loaded on any supported Windows PC, allowing easy administration of the Rimage system. It allows you to automatically launch WebRSM™ for connected systems as well as look at the job queue. If an alert or error can be responded to remotely, such as issuing a retry or cancel job command, System Watch allows this as well.


tip-of-the-month-Aug-2-imageWhile RSS 9.0 does not include System Watch by default, it is a small lightweight program that can be downloaded from our Support website. Configuration is as simple as giving it the name of the Rimage system(s) that you would like to monitor. In future releases of the Rimage Software Suite, System Watch will be standard and installed by default.