Unleash the power within your Rimage system using the SDK toolbox

Rimage offers many great out of the box tools to immediately start making professional quality discs, but even greater functionality is possible using the Rimage Software Development Kit (SDK). The Rimage SDK provides sample code, documentation and files for the Rimage Application Programming Interface (API), which enables system integrators, partners and end users to interface directly with the Rimage system using custom software. This enables seamless integration into the workflows and software that operators are already using, making it even easier to create discs.

tip-of-the-month-Oct-1-imageHave an order fulfillment website that allows users to order discs? The Rimage API lets you integrate it directly to the Rimage system so that the discs are recorded and printed automatically when a customer places an order. Perhaps you have a document management system and need to distribute records from the system. Rather than exporting the files, opening QuickDisc™ or similar application and manually sending a job, the Rimage API lets you program your document management system to automatically send the job with a single button.

The Rimage SDK is available upon request at no charge, simply by contacting Rimage Support. The standard SDK includes both the Rapid APIs and Client APIs, while the WebServices API using SOAP is available separately. Starting with release 9.0, Rimage Software Suite now includes the Network Publisher integration tool built-in with the software. Each of these APIs offers different advantages, from easy to use text-based integration to full-fledged integration using all of the capabilities of the native Rimage software.

If the power of the SDK itself is not enough, Rimage application engineers are available for consultation, typically at no cost to you. Rimage application engineers can provide advice on best practices, which API is right for your workflow, which method to use to accomplish a specific task, and much more. While Rimage application engineers will not write your application for you, they are able to assist you throughout the process to be successful. If you do wish to outsource the integration, they can recommend resources and coordinate work with them.