Web clients provide access to your Rimage® system for anytime, anywhere convenience

The Rimage Software Suite has continued to evolve and improve for many years. While new features are often specific to a certain workflow, some changes are intended to offer all customers additional options. Rimage understands that our solutions will be used in many different ways in different environments, so we try to bake maximum flexibility into our software so that it works the way you want it to. One example of this is our web clients, WebRSM™ and WebQD™.

WebRSM (Rimage System Manager)tip-of-the-month-July-1-image

Have you ever been away from your desk but needed to see what the Rimage system was doing? With WebRSM, you can do this from any computer with network access to the Rimage system and a web browser. WebRSM reproduces the same capabilities that the Rimage System Manager does, without the need to install any software. WebRSM is typically enabled out of the box, so simply point your web browser at the Rimage system and you’ll have immediate access.

One of the nicest parts about WebRSM is that all the relevant content is on one screen. You can see your ribbon status, bin settings, jobs and other information about the Rimage system. If you see something that you want to interact with, the intuitive interface guides you to your next steps. Click a firmware version number and you have the option to update firmware. Click the media type on a bin and you have the option to change bin settings.

WebQD (Quick Disc)

Another aspect to WebRSM is an icon at the top of the screen for WebQD. Just like WebRSM is the web client for Rimage System Manager, WebQD is the web client for Quick Disc. While WebRSM and basic WebQD functionality do not require installation, there is a Java applet that you may be prompted to install if you’re attempting to do more complicated WebQD features. Some of the more advanced features of Quick Disc are not available in WebQD RSS 9.0 release, but may be available in RSS 9.1 and beyond.

If you haven’t used WebRSM or WebQD, point a web browser at your Rimage system and check them out. You can do this from any computer that has a network connection to the Rimage system, or from the system itself. The Rimage recovery disc sets the browser home page to WebRSM on the Rimage system, so you may find yourself on WebRSM just by opening the browser on a Rimage system.