Records Distribution

Distribution and storage of information is an important function of federal and state governments. Rimage systems support IRS distribution of forms and archival of data, the U.S. Postal Service distribution of address changes and engineering data, NASA recording of data compiled from space probes, and Census Bureau distribution of economic reports and demographics.

Law Enforcement

When laws are created, they must also be enforced. Local, state, and federal law enforcement agencies use Rimage Evidence Disc Systems (EDS) to automatically collect, copy, review and export digital evidence to standardized and portable disc media. Designed for law enforcement workflows, EDS is the industry’s highest-performing, most reliable solution for automatically processing evidence to optical media.

Government or Educational Customer?

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For Milestone XProtect Users

Powered by LinearDynamics' software integration, users of Milestone XProtect® can now create automated, long-term to permanent export strategies. This extraordinarily tight integration promises to bring ease of use and implementation when performing large-scale exports of the Milestone XProtect database.

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Department of Justice

With the growing number of digital surveillance devices, the US Federal Law Enforcement agency maint


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