Information Technology

IT departments are responsible for ensuring important information is accessible, backed up, archived, and secure. You have many choices when determining where and how to manage your company’s data, and disc publishing offers an alternative with cost-saving, easy-to-use considerations. Extending on-demand digital publishing into departments such as sales and marketing, engineering, and graphic design can help departments manage their workflows and productivity.


Your business relies on accurate record-keeping and timely submission of data to various regulators and agencies serving your industry. Meet industry and company criteria for business data retention, and distribute business records safely and on-time to your business partners.

Secure Distribution

Distribute data securely and cost-effectively with on-demand digital publishing. WORM (write once read many) technology ensures your files are tamperproof, and optical discs provide reliability and convenience. With 256 bit high security encryption standards and password protection, sensitive data remains secure.


Retain important documents and files in non-volatile storage, without the costs of keeping servers powered up or worries about failure rates. With optical discs, you have full ownership of all your data, and do not need to rely on a third party provider who may not be around tomorrow. Archiving data that isn't needed online every day with reliable optical offline storage, provides a cost-effective, manageable solution.

Go paperless

Help your company go paperless. Reduce physical storage requirements by providing a digital solution that's as easy to use as a shared printer. Office workers can publish documents such as training manuals or presentations to CD rather than to paper. Backup copies of project work, document revisions, and order history are all easily retained on disc rather than stored in file cabinets.

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No one knows better than IT how data storage continues to expand exponentially. Meet business demands for record retention, content distribution, access, compliance, and archiving with cost-effective, long-lasting optical media.

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Fairfax County Public School (FCPS) is one of the 15 largest school districts in the country, with 90,000 classroom computers. FCPS manages these computers using 30 standard configurations of software and curriculum materials, preloaded on computers by their PC vendor. When a system needs to be rebuilt, the selected curriculum-specific hard disk image is quickly and easily restored to the computer

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