Law Enforcement

Local, state, and federal law enforcement agencies use Rimage Evidence Disc Systems (EDS) to automatically collect, copy, review and export digital evidence to standardized and portable optical media, drastically reducing time spent on manual processes. Designed for law enforcement workflows, EDS combines optical disc technology with advanced software and integration, and is the industry’s highest-performing, most reliable solution for automatically processing evidence to optical media.

Video Surveillance

Law enforcement has always been heavily involved in surveillance and with the growing number of digital cameras including body-worn and in-car, an agency now captures an overwhelming amount of electronic data. Retention requirements create an even greater demand on data management resources. Effectively and efficiently manage, deliver and archive your surveillance data and streamline workflow with Rimage solutions.


Tax evasion, white-collar crime, cyber-fraud, product piracy and child pornography are just some types of criminal activities that leave behind digital trails. Law enforcement agencies process an overwhelming influx of digital evidence on CDs, PCs, servers, and other storage media. Sifting through these mammoth amounts of data is a major challenge. Reduce your agency’s lab time by 80% as Rimage Forensic Software automates processes and examination of digital media, streamlining data extraction, disc imaging, and content reporting.

Digital Evidence Management

Digital evidence comes in many forms - including seized discs, hard drives and USB devices, video footage from surveillance systems, in-car cameras, and body-worn cameras, interrogation room video, data/audio intercepts, and more. Rimage Evidence Disc Systems, optimized for the specific needs of law enforcement agencies, will help you manage your agency’s digital evidence for safekeeping and facilitate storage, distribution, and portability of case files.


Use Rimage systems in your law enforcement agency to archive evidence including digital files, photos, video surveillance, notes, and documents. Store case files safely for years during and after the course of a case. Optical media is ideal for long-term storage, and WORM (Write Once Read Many) technology ensures the data is tamperproof.

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For Milestone XProtect Users

Powered by LinearDynamics' software integration, users of Milestone XProtect® can now create automated, long-term to permanent export strategies. This extraordinarily tight integration promises to bring ease of use and implementation when performing large-scale exports of the Milestone XProtect database.

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