Funeral homes are always searching for new and unique services to help a grieving family at the time of loss. A memorial DVD tribute brings comfort and consolation as it honors and celebrates the life of a loved one. Played during the reception, it helps personalize the event and offers family and friends a loving keepsake. Provide a professionally-made unique and lasting memorial, branded for your business.


Your church has long known that recording and distributing services, special musical programs, and guest speakers is a way to broaden your ministry and generate profitable revenue. The wide penetration of CD and DVD players and Rimage disc publishing solutions provide an opportunity to extend your messaging to a broad audience.

Inspection Services

When you perform your inspections, you go places that others cannot easily access. Whether looking inside infrastructure such as plumbing lines, examining the underside of a bridge, sending a drone to inspect high-wire facilities, or performing a home inspection prior to sale, you are gathering valuable data. Rimage systems provide an easy, cost-effective way to generate and distribute your results to your clients.

Event Management

Successful event management, from concerts to speaking engagements and tradeshows to corporate celebrations, requires careful planning and execution. When the event concludes, make the most of all that hard work by distributing a DVD of the event to attendees or selling a DVD online to those who couldn't attend. Production is easy and affordable, with professional, high-quality results.

Case Studies

Read case studies of Rimage customers in the specialty services market.

Speak The Word Church

Speak The Word Church International (STWCI) is a 2,500-member Christian congregation and global mini


John Hagee Ministries

John Hagee Ministries television and radio broadcasts reach a worldwide audience that generates dema


Freie Volksmission

Freie Volksmission is an interdenominational mission church, with a goal to spread the teaching of t


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