The Rimage 2450 is designed to meet today’s high standards and requirements. These powerful, industrial-grade solutions are engineered for unattended and round-the-clock operation and integrate seamlessly with most PACS or medical imaging and information systems all over the world. They are the best DICOM CD/DVD production systems available to minimize costs.

Automate your Patient Data Distribution with 2450

Digital data in any industry is growing rapidly. Reduce operating costs by streamlining your data management and record distribution. Built on high-performing hardware and software, Rimage 2450 integrates directly with PACS and modalities to automatically offload, distribute and archive data on CD, DVD and Blu-ray™ Discs – as easily as using a shared printer.

Lowest Cost of Production

Thermal transfer compared to inkjet technology means up to 50% reduction of total production costs over time. The Rimage Medical Disc Device is the optimum DICOM CD/DVD production system to save production costs with unmatched performance and lowest total cost of ownership.

The Rimage Medical Disc Device was designed and developed specifically for the medical market. It fits perfectly with your DICOM patient CD manufacturing requirements as it provides seamless integration with most PACS and medical imaging/information systems.

2450 Specifications

Number of Recorders2
Carousel / Total Capacity3 bins / 150 discs
External Output Bin Capacity5 discs (optional 50-disc external output bin)
CPUUser Supplied
HDD StorageUser Supplied
RAMUser Supplied
Operating SystemsUser Supplied
Network AdaptersUser Supplied
Expansion SlotsUser Supplied
Height19 in / 48.3 cm
Width14.8 in / 37.6 cm
Depth*19.5 / 49.5 cm
Weight69 lb. / 31 kg
Power Specifications100-240 VAC, 60/50 Hz, 3.4-2.4 AMP, 500 watt Maximum

*Allow space (3.5” or 9 cm) in rear of machine for cabling.

Every Rimage Medical Disc Device disc publishing system includes the Rimage Software Suite (RSS), a complete set of software unlocking the full potential of the Rimage system. The suite includes tools to submit and manage print and record jobs, create unique artwork for each disc, monitor and control system operation of one or a number of Rimage systems, and integrate into workflows to fully automate disc publishing.


  • CD Designer™ provides users the ability to create, import, and customize graphics to be printed on your disc surface.
  • QuickDisc™ allows users to assemble and submit projects to their Rimage system.
  • Rimage System Manager allows users to fully control and monitor all Rimage systems from any location on the network. View the status of jobs, configure bins and get accurate available media counts to keep production flowing.
  • Rimage Services includes Production Server to control the hardware and manage all aspects of printing and recording, Image Server to create a wide range of disc formats with options such as image encryption with password protection, and other Rimage services that enable the functionality of client software tools.

For maximum flexibility, RSS also includes web clients for Windows® and Mac OS® that provide the same capability, but without the need to install any software:

  • WebQD™ extends primary functionality of QuickDisc to any computer with network access to the Rimage system and a web browser.
  • WebRSM™ extends the functionality of Rimage System Manager to any computer with network access to the Rimage system and a web browser.

Available upon request at no charge to Rimage disc publishing users simply by contacting Rimage Support:

  • Software Developer Kit (SDK) includes the APIs (Application Programming Interface) and information needed to integrate the Rimage with other software and automate the Rimage system in custom workflows.

See the software page for full details about each software component and RSS release history.

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Rimage Service and Support is the industry leader in delivering high-quality world-wide service with superior response times that maximize your return on investment. Rimage Service and Support offerings are designed to meet the level of service you need.


  • Next Business Day On-Site, Rimage’s most comprehensive service and support offering, is ideal for those who require “hands-free” maintenance where a Rimage authorized technician arrives the next business day to replace the malfunctioning unit or parts, test, and prepare replaced items for return shipment to Rimage. Includes Software Subscription and Support.
  • Rapid Exchange gives you speed and value with next business day advanced delivery of a replacement unit or printer for you to install. Includes Software Subscription and Support.
  • Exchange gives you value and peace of mind with 4-5 business day delivery of a replacement unit or applicable parts for you to install. Includes Software Subscription and Support.
  • Onsite Installation and Training ensures that both your Rimage system and your operators are fully prepared for production.

With Rimage, you can be assured of quality world-wide service, immediate response times, and unrivaled high-value maintenance agreements.  When you choose Rimage, you choose success.

See the Service and Support page for full details about each service and support option.

Service and Support


For complete Warranty information and details of Maintenance Agreement Terms and Conditions, please see our Legal page.



Rimage printable CD/DVD/BD inkjet media is engineered to achieve an exceptional, professional look, helping you treat every project like it’s your most important one. Whether you purchase single layer CD or DVD, single or dual layer Blu-ray, silver or white discs, Rimage media is sourced to exact specifications. Discs are taken through rigorous quality assurance processes and manufactured to the tolerances required for Rimage robotic and printing systems.

Rimage media is designed to work together with Rimage ribbons and all-in-one ink cartridges for extraordinary print quality and data integrity, and is matched precisely to your system’s specifications for faster write speeds and error-free operation.

With an integrated inkjet printer, Allegro systems require optical media designed for inkjet printing on the disc label surface. Rimage media for inkjet printing is available in CD or DVD formats.

Allegro All-in-One Ink Cartridge

Exclusive to the Allegro systems, the All-in-One Ink Cartridge is reliable and convenient to use. Get amazing color and print quality in a cost-effective package with the Allegro 20 or Allegro 100.


  • No pooling, smudging or over saturation
  • Faster drying times
  • Reduced dot gain for better image detail
  • Beautiful color resolution

Only Rimage media is approved and guaranteed. For full details, view the Rimage Optical Media Guarantee.

See the supplies page for additional information about ribbons, inkjet cartridges, media, media kits, and warranty/guarantee.

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