November 2016

Rimage® Announces New Product Line – Allegro Series

Rimage Corporation, a global leader in disc publishing systems, announced today that it is expanding its product line with the new Rimage Allegro™ series of disc publishing systems. The Allegro series features high-quality color inkjet printing in a compact, desktop system, ideal for small offices and medical facilities. Allegro 20 features one recorder and one bin that holds up to 20 discs, and Allegro 100 has two recorders and two bins that hold up to 100 total discs. Pre-orders for Allegro systems are accepted as of November 1, and systems will be available in early December. The Allegro series will be available globally through Rimage partners and system integrators.

All Rimage Allegro systems come complete with industry-leading Rimage software, creating a high-quality, cost-effective solution for low to moderate volumes of disc production. Rimage Software Suite (RSS) – refined over decades – provides robust and dynamic features for the entire range of Rimage disc publishing systems, from Allegro to the powerful Producer systems used 24×7 in the most demanding production environments.

Chris Heim, CEO of Rimage, explains, “This announcement reflects the ongoing commitment that Rimage is making to on-demand digital publishing. Allegro is a high-quality system with full color inkjet printing, creating an affordable entry point into the proven line of Rimage disc publishing systems. Demand is strong in the medical market for DICOM image distribution, where Allegro is a perfect fit. As well, many small businesses and remote corporate offices will find Allegro optimal for their needs.”

February 2016

Rimage® Announces New Product Line – Catalyst Series

Rimage Catalyst™ systems provide a new, high-quality option for medium-volume disc publishing

Minneapolis, MN – February 1, 2016 –  Rimage Corporation, a global leader in optical media publishing, announced today that it is expanding its product line with the new Rimage Catalyst™ series of disc publishing systems. Catalyst is a re-engineered system tailored to customers that need industrial-grade durability, interchangeable printers, and compact size for medium-volume production needs. The series includes Catalyst 6000N, which contains an embedded PC, and Catalyst 6000, which requires an external PC. Catalyst systems will begin shipping in mid-February and will be available globally through Rimage partners and system integrators.

Chris Heim, CEO of Rimage, explains, “Catalyst, as its name implies, is designed to be a change-agent for our market. We analyzed everything – customer feedback, market trends, service logs, printing preferences, component durability, and usage patterns. Starting from the ground up, we engineered a new system that incorporates our most durable components, interchangeable printers, air filtration innovations, new usability features, and a small-footprint frame. Catalyst is a best-in-class system that is unlike anything else in the market.”

Rimage Catalyst is the perfect hybrid of the rugged durability of Producer, with the features of a Professional system. This offers an ideal package to customers who require the highest performance but do not have the high volume requirements or budget to justify a Producer system. Features include:

  • Ruggedized Producer™ series robotic components throughout the entire system
  • Best-in-class printing with interchangeable Everest® 600 and Prism III™ thermal disc printers
  • New positive-pressure air filtration system for dust control
  • Quick-release recorders and front-facing hard drive bays for improved usability
  • 150-disc carousel and external bin that supports three different simultaneous media types
  • Lockable door, digital status readout, compact frame, sleek design
  • Rimage Software Suite 9.1 for the latest features in automating all aspects of disc publishing

“This announcement reflects the ongoing commitment that Rimage is making to on-demand digital publishing. Catalyst is a fully-featured system with proven, high-quality components, optimized to serve a wide range of markets including medical, manufacturing-on-demand, sales and marketing, finance, sports and entertainment, education, and more,” said Craig Conti, VP of product management. “We are excited to add Catalyst to our proven line of disc publishing systems.”

September 2015

Rimage Acquires Technology from CustomCD

In September 2015, Rimage purchased technology from privately-held CustomCD, the world’s leading provider of turnkey and SaaS solutions that enable fulfillment of fully-personalized on-demand media products. Capabilities include end-to-end solutions for various vertical industries, such as download software and games, online photo and video services, hosted email providers, employee development and training, music, movies, and entertainment.

Supported digital media formats include optical media, USB drives, SD cards, and HDD drives. Capabilities include a wide variety of packaging formats including disc mailers, jewel cases, DVD cases, library cases, and more. Complete back-end production and order fulfillment is provided with capabilities such as custom printing, packaging, shipping, and credit card processing. The company has developed a fully-featured Application Program Interface (API) as well as an online portal.

To complement its line of high-performance disc publishing systems, Rimage intends to rebrand these capabilities as Rimage Fulfillment Services (RFS) and expand market penetration into additional markets and regions. Today, operations are located in Portland, Oregon and serve worldwide customers. To meet regional business demand, Rimage plans to introduce a facility in Germany to support European operations. RFS is a great addition to the Rimage product line as customers continue to seek low cost alternatives for providing their digital content to end users.

July 2015

Rimage Announces Alan Chang as New Vice President of Asia-Pacific Region

In July 2015, Alan Chang joined Rimage as our vice president, Asia-Pacific region. The creation of this new key leadership role with local presence demonstrates Rimage’s commitment to expand our growth strategies in the region.

“Alan brings significant leadership experience with technology companies,” said Chris Heim, CEO of Rimage. “He will be a great addition to the team and will play a key role in driving our broader Asia-Pacific strategy including business development, market planning and supply chain management.”

Chang has more than 25 years of experience in business development and operations including work for companies such as Hewlett Packard®, Compaq®, Apple Computer®, ViewSonic®, Sun Microsystems® and LeadTek Research®. Chang has led operational teams and developed revenue growth strategies throughout the Asia-Pacific region including Taiwan, China, Korea, India, Singapore and Japan.

June 2015

Rimage adds California facility

In June 2015, Rimage added a new facility in California, which handles consumables including CDs, DVDs, ribbons, ink, and media kits and final assembly and shipping of Professional™ systems. The California facility jointly serves Rimage and its sister companies within the Equus Holdings portfolio.

May 2015

Rimage Celebrates 10 Years of Service with Anniversary of Tokyo Location

In May 2015, Rimage celebrated 10 years of delivering innovative, local solutions within the Japanese market. In the decade since establishing operations at our Tokyo location, Rimage Japan has gained significant market share within the healthcare imaging, financial, law enforcement, and media and entertainment applications throughout Japan. The anniversary of our Tokyo location marks our continued commitment to being the leading provider of in country on-demand digital publishing solutions and services.

In 2005, Rimage Japan was created to serve the growing medical industry in Japan with optical disc publishing systems, imaging workflow software and image viewers as the health care industry in Japan transitioned from film to digital DICOM image distribution of patient records. Today Rimage Japan is the leader in supporting the medical industry, as well as a variety of commercial and enterprise applications, with a wide range of products that utilize CDs, DVDs, and Blu-Ray Discs™ to effectively archive, protect, and distribute digital information.

“Ten years ago we saw the opportunity for Rimage to become a full solution provider to the changing healthcare industry in Japan,” said Chris Heim, CEO of Rimage. “Today we’re able to deliver a full range of solutions serving a wide variety of markets with an in-country team approach including sales, channel partners, fulfillment, service and support, and custom integrators. On this ten-year anniversary of the opening of our Tokyo office, we recognize the contributions of our entire team and believe Rimage Japan is well-positioned for continued growth.”

March 2015

Rimage Software Suite 9.0 Adds New Features

RSS 9.0, released in March 2015, introduced a new installer for the software and a new QuickDisc Client setup. An updated QuickDisc user interface makes it easier for experienced users to use the software while still being intuitive to use for a novice. With this release, Network Publisher capabilities are provided directly within the Rimage Software Suite. Both the Rimage System Manager application and the WebRSM version were updated, and Rimage Production Server has a new PDF printing engine. Rimage Image Server, the software that takes your data and creates an image that can be recorded to optical disc, also has new capabilities.