As a member of the medical industry, one of your primary concerns is managing a rapidly growing body of electronic medical records (EMR). Streamline data management and patient record distribution processes and control costs with Rimage digital publishing systems.

Integrated in leading medical DICOM software solutions at the heart of healthcare information distribution solutions, these powerful, industrial-grade solutions are engineered for unattended and round-the-clock operation and integrate seamlessly with most picture archiving and communication systems (PACS) and medical imaging and information systems used throughout the world.

Patient Records Distribution

Automate release of information

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Medical Imaging

Distribute medical images quickly.

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Electronic Medical Records (EMR)

Streamline electronic medial record workflows.

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Law Enforcement

Local, state, and federal law enforcement agencies use Rimage Evidence Disc Systems (EDS) to automatically collect, copy, review and export digital evidence to standardized and portable optical media, drastically reducing time spent on manual processes.

Designed for law enforcement workflows, EDS combines optical disc technology with advanced software and integration, and is the industry’s highest-performing, most reliable solution for automatically processing evidence to optical media.

Video Surveillance

With the growing number of digital cameras including body-worn and in-car, law enforcement agencies now capture an overwhelming amount of electronic data.

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Law enforcement agencies process an overwhelming influx of digital evidence on CDs, PCs, servers, and other storage media. Sifting through these mammoth amounts of data is a major challenge.

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Digital Evidence Management

Rimage Evidence Disc Systems are optimized for the specific needs of law enforcement agencies, helping you manage your agency’s digital evidence for safekeeping and facilitate storage, distribution, and portability of case files.

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Banks and financial institutions around the globe rely on Rimage systems to manage large amounts of secure data easily and efficiently.

Whether distributing financial data to your business customers, submitting records to meet compliance regulations, or saving important data for long-term retention, Rimage disc publishing systems will handle it all with ease.


With 256 bit high security encryption standards and password protection, sensitive financial data remains secure. Unlike electronic file transfer, optical media is “Write Once” so no one can alter or infect your recorded content.

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Provide relevant financial records on disc for cost-effective, safe distribution to clients and regulators. This delivery method saves paper, postage, time, and storage space while giving the bank customer far superior access to data. Meet compliance requirements with timely, safe, efficient records transfer.

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Financial establishments use Rimage systems to archive statements and reports, loan and mortgage documents, brokerage transactions and broker activities, and many other types of files. Optical media gives organizations large and small control over their digital data, resolving the retention dilemma.

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Manufacturing on Demand

When you have an expansive set of data on servers, such as movies, music, audio books, documents, and other digital files, you don’t want to invest time and money in producing and storing copies at the risk of oversupply or outdated inventory.

Manufacturing on demand (MOD) allows you to deliver high-quality, professional results without inventory-related costs and concerns.

High Volume Production

High-volume, uninterrupted CD, DVD and Blu-ray Disc manufacturing on demand requires speed and reliability. Streamline production and meet customer expectations for prompt product delivery and quality with Rimage solutions.

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Software Developers

As a software developer, you will appreciate Rimage systems’ support in creating unique software masters and software beta releases for market tests, and for commercial delivery of software titles. Create accurate, professional, and inexpensive updates, patches and fixes for distribution to individual end users or small groups.

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Customized Disks

Each disc is manufactured on demand, with entirely customized contents. Consumers can pick their favorite television shows and seasons to add to their collections. The most current releases of technical manuals are copied to disc and shipped with new equipment. Universities prepare customized and updated courseware for students in each class.

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Legal firms use Rimage systems to help manage the vast amount of data that is collected, reviewed, and distributed. Optical media is ideal for long-term storage, and WORM (Write Once Read Many) technology ensures the data is tamper-proof.

Rimage disc publishing solutions are safe and secure – protecting your information from those who shouldn’t have it so you can easily provide it to those who should.

Case Management and Record Retention

Gathering data to support your case takes time and money. Your team needs to conduct discovery, study legal precedent, and analyze relevant files. Keep case files on optical media for reliable and cost-effective storage and accessibility, whether the case takes months or years.

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Record Distribution

Provide relevant files on disc for cost-effective, timely distribution to clients and counsel. This delivery method saves paper, postage, time, and storage space while providing far superior access to data. With 256 bit high security encryption standards and password protection, sensitive data remains secure.

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Legal Orders / Subpoenas

Corporations face a massive undertaking when receiving a legal order (subpoena) requiring document retrieval. Eliminate overwhelming paper copies, save time and money by securely distributing files on disc to corporate attorneys (prosecution and defense) and judges.

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Government agencies across the globe use Rimage systems to gather, analyze, and distribute data. Rimage disc publishing supports local services including education, planning, libraries, and law enforcement.

On a larger agency scale, you’ll find tax records, intelligence, satellite images, and military data created on Rimage systems for secure distribution. Specialized Rimage systems serve local, regional, and national law enforcement agency workflows.

Records Distribution

Distribution and storage of information is an important function of federal and state governments. Rimage systems support IRS distribution of forms and archival of data, the U.S. Postal Service distribution of address changes and engineering data, NASA recording of data compiled from space probes, and Census Bureau distribution of economic reports and demographics.

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Law Enforcement

When laws are created, they must also be enforced. Local, state, and federal law enforcement agencies use Rimage Evidence Disc Systems (EDS) to automatically collect, copy, review and export digital evidence to standardized and portable disc media. Designed for law enforcement workflows, EDS is the industry’s highest-performing, most reliable solution for automatically processing evidence to […]

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Authorized government or educational customers should order through GSA Advantage

Government or Educational Customer?

If you are authorized to purchase using GSA Schedule pricing, please access the GSA Advantage website at when ready to purchase.

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Information Technology

IT departments are responsible for ensuring important information is accessible, backed up, archived, and secure. You have many choices when determining where and how to manage your company’s data, and disc publishing offers an alternative with cost-saving, easy-to-use considerations.

Extending on-demand digital publishing into departments such as sales and marketing, engineering, and graphic design can help departments manage their workflows and productivity.


Your business relies on accurate record-keeping and timely submission of data to various regulators and agencies serving your industry. Meet industry and company criteria for business data retention, and distribute business records safely and on-time to your business partners.

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Secure Distribution

Distribute data securely and cost-effectively with on-demand digital publishing. WORM (write once read many) technology ensures your files are tamperproof, and optical discs provide reliability and convenience. With 256 bit high security encryption standards and password protection, sensitive data remains secure.

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Retain important documents and files in non-volatile storage, without the costs of keeping servers powered up or worries about failure rates. With optical discs, you have full ownership of all your data, and do not need to rely on a third party provider who may not be around tomorrow. Archiving data that isn’t needed online […]

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Sales & Marketing

Telling a story is part of selling – whether you sell a product or provide a service. Your customers need to know what you have and how to use it.

With on-demand digital publishing, you can provide easy access to product catalogs, marketing promotions, sales presentations, product literature, technical documents, conference proceedings, training courses, sample data sets, trial software, confidential price lists, press kits – the list is endless.

Customized Promotions

Make an impact by customizing your message to your audience. Provide all the information they need with a marketing promotion tailored to their interests. Send a sample disc they can use as a product trial before purchasing, or provide a video showing your product in use in their industry.

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Conference Records, Presentations & Multimedia

Most conference planners struggle with getting all the presenters to provide their slide decks in advance. Even with the best intentions, last-minute changes to slide decks are inevitable. Capture your conference proceedings – slide decks, video footage of all presenters, and attendee lists – for distribution onsite before attendees go home. Include sponsor messaging for […]

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Product Documentation

Put all your supporting documents on disc rather than printing them, for cost-effective digital distribution. It’s easy to manage your inventory and ensure technical specifications, installation manuals, and user guides are always up to date. Include videos showing how to get started or how to use complex features, ensuring your audience gets the most out […]

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Digital content is indispensable today. How do you keep it safe, secure and available now, and for decades?

Rimage’s disc publishing systems, together with optical media, solve the retention problem by providing cost-effective, decades-long access to secure content. Optical discs are also a great fit for long term storage or safety copies of data not commonly needed.

Long-term Storage

Non-volatile optical media is perfect for long-term retention. ISO standards ensure backwards-compatibility, and optical discs recorded decades ago are readable by computers coming off production lines today. Optical disc-based systems play a vital role in long-term archiving when cost-effective solutions are required.

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Safety of Data

Optical discs are non-volatile – they do not depend on moving mechanical parts or magnetized bits that over time will flip back to a random state – making them superior to tape and hard drives. With optical discs, you have full ownership of all your data without reliance on a third party provider who may […]

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Green Storage

Retain important documents and files in non-volatile storage, without the costs of electricity and temperature control to keep servers powered up. Archive data that isn’t needed online every day with reliable optical offline storage for a cost-effective, manageable solution.

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Sports & Entertainment

Sports video management continues to be an important part of the game. Coaches study practice films and compare performance to competitive teams to see the win now and into the future. The entertainment industry releases new music, television pilots, and movie trailers and releases. Audience testing and reviews by professional screeners can make or break a release, and on-demand digital publishing and distribution shapes the industry.

Internal Review

Practice makes perfect, but good coaching makes the practice. Whether in sports, music, or theater, an effective coach will study your work and give you pointers to improve performance. Sports teams and entertainers use Rimage disc publishing to easily produce and distribute performances for internal review.

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Getting your new content out to your audience is a snap with digital publishing. Content is secure, reliable, and conveniently distributed to editors, screeners and publishers. Test-market your pilot to a select audience for feedback before national distribution.

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Highlight Reels

Highlight reels showcase your best work and capture the enthusiasm and loyalty of your fans. Build engagement with free discs, or add a “best of” series to your product portfolio. Fans of all forms of entertainment enjoy owning their own copies to enjoy again and again.

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Rimage systems are widely used in education and corporate training.

Course work provided on disc by schools and universities makes materials accessible to students on demand, eliminating the need for WIFI access or carrying heavy binders and reference books.

Corporate and trade association uses include producing discs for training and self-help materials and recording conference proceedings for distribution on disc.

Student Handouts

With Rimage disc publishing systems, your school district can standardize coursework, developing and distributing CDs to teachers, students, and support staff. Everyone will be on the same page and contents are easily updated to reflect the current curriculum and focus.

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Distance Learning

Student Projects

Provide your students with affordable DVD and CD recordings of school radio, TV and video studio productions, using Rimage systems to store and distribute unique student videos and projects. Each student can leave school with a digital portfolio of their school work, whether audio, video, or data.

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