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R-ELS: Rimage Enterprise Laser Storage is a high-performance, scalable, and reliable storage solution designed for data archiving and backup. It uses advanced laser technology to store data on optical discs providing long-term (up to 100 years) data retention and protection against data loss or corruption. With Rimage ELS, businesses can ensure that their critical data is always secure and easily accessible.

R-SOPHIA is Rimage’s Digital Asset and Evidence Management Solution.  The solution optimizes content and storage/archiving workflows, reduces costs, improves quality, and increases productivity.

– Advanced AI search capabilities allow you to find and retrieve any file across multiple storage devices and locations

– File version control tracks and preserves the history and changes of your files

– Smart metadata management automatically tags and categorizes your files based on their content and attributes

– Seamless collaboration and sharing of resources with your team members and partners through secure cloud access and synchronization

– Enhanced protection and management of your digital assets and orphaned data with encryption, backup, and recovery options

RQ-Tape Libraries: Scalable and cost-effective LTO solutions for long-term data retention, backup, archive, and disaster recovery. RQ tape libraries help you reduce storage costs, enhance data security, and meet compliance requirements.

R-STaaS: Provides a private cloud experience with low initial storage entry point and low fixed monthly payment options.

  • RQ-Myr: All-Flash, Scale-Out File and Object Storage Software is a powerful and flexible edge computing solution that enables you to process and analyze data from multiple sources in real time, even in the most demanding and remote environments. Whether you need to run AI applications, stream video, or perform data fusion, RQ-Myr can handle it all with its modular design, scalable architecture, and rugged performance. RQ-Myr helps you gain faster and deeper insights, improve operational efficiency, and lower costs and complexity by bringing the power of the cloud to the edge.
  • RQ-SN Appliances: A range of appliances that combine SN File System with storage, servers, and networking components for easy deployment and management.  SN appliances help you simplify your IT infrastructure, lower your total cost of ownership, and scale as your needs grow.
  • RQ-SN File System: A high-performance file system that enables collaboration, sharing, and analysis of large and complex data sets. SN file system helps you accelerate workflows, improve productivity, and unlock the value of your data.

RQ-VS-Series: A flexible and scalable platform that provides video surveillance storage and management for security and analytics applications. The VS-Series helps you capture, store, and access video data, support multiple cameras and streams, and leverage video analytics and artificial intelligence.

RQ-DXi Deduplication Appliances: A family of appliances that deliver fast and efficient backup and restore performance, data reduction, and replication for data protection. DXi deduplication appliances help you optimize your backup and recovery processes, reduce your storage footprint, and enhance your disaster recovery readiness.

  • RQ-AS Object Storage: A cloud-like storage platform that provides massive scalability, durability, and security for unstructured data. RQ-AS Object Storage helps you store and protect your data for the long term, enable cloud-native applications, and leverage data analytics.
  • RQ-NAS: A network-attached storage solution that offers high-performance, high-capacity, and high-availability storage for file-based data and applications.
  • RQ-SAN: A storage area network solution that provides low-latency, high-throughput, and high-reliability storage for block-based data and applications.

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