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New Rimage AI-Powered Digital Asset Management Solution Improves Data Lifecycle Management

Ingest and manage any data type from any source with a simplified, scalable, and secure approach


MINNEAPOLIS (Jan. 24, 2024) – A global leader in data stewardship, Rimage, announced today the launch of its AI-enabled digital asset management solution, SOPHIA. Empowering organizations to ingest and manage any data type from any source, SOPHIA helps organizations automate and enrich global digital assets into a single repository.

According to Dataversity, approximately 90% of data created within organizations is unstructured. This creates massive amounts of orphaned data, resulting in wasted time, added storage expense, and increased business risk. Organizations need a simple storage infrastructure to allow for easy collaboration that is customizable to account for unique business requirements and permission controls.

“Complexity for storing and accessing data is increasing exponentially, which will only continue with the adoption of AI and machine learning. Organizations need good data stewardship processes in place to ensure data is accessible, usable, safe, and trusted,” said Philippe Nicolas, analyst and market observer at Coldago Research. “Rimage’s SOPHIA is a superb digital asset management solution that is easy to use, flexible in nature, and built for security.”

Designed with flexibility and enabled with AI-powered metadata extraction capabilities, SOPHIA provides the following functionality:

  • Automated and scalable ingestion – Eliminate manual efforts and associated errors by effortlessly capturing and processing data from any source, including images, videos, documents, PDFs, audio files, and more.
  • Powerful contextualization – Drive operational efficiencies and improve productivity with rich and contextual metadata to make assets easily searchable. Customize filter fields, upload requirements, and workflow controls to suit unique business requirements.
  • Easy search and retrieval – Instantly locate specific digital assets using advanced AI-powered search capabilities. Using advanced metadata filtering capabilities, spend less time searching and more time completing tasks.
  • Security-first controls – Keep sensitive data secure using advanced permission controls, maintain business continuity by preserving a global repository for mission-critical data, and ensure regulatory compliance with robust data governance features.

“Our new SOPHIA solution harnesses Rimage’s decades of data stewardship experience and applies it to create a service that helps companies with the most complex data management and governance requirements to streamline data ingestion for easy collaboration and business optimization,” said Christopher Rence, CEO of Rimage. “Digital asset management is a critical component for how modern organizations build a framework to manage their data throughout its entire lifecycle.”

SOPHIA’s global file-sync technology makes your most vital files available no matter your location or connection and seamlessly syncs all changes back to the SOPHIA library. It works with any native Windows or OSX application, eliminating any need for plug-ins or third-party applications, and data can be stored in the cloud, on-premise, or in a hybrid model.

About Rimage:

Rimage helps companies easily manage data from creation to destruction. And every step in between. With 40 years of data management experience, Rimage is an expert in data stewardship and empowers organizations to streamline operations, lower storage costs, recover from cyberattacks and other disasters, and protect data integrity to meet long-term data preservation and compliance requirements. Using advanced AI technology combined with data storage, engineering, robotics, and software capabilities, Rimage provides customized, bundled solutions that integrate into any workflow and are tailored to your data lifecycle management requirements. Rimage specializes in helping organizations with the most complex data management requirements across healthcare, law enforcement, and manufacturing, and has supported companies including Boeing, IBM, Medtronic, Airbus, Fuji, and more.


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