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SOPHIA: The future of digital asset management is here!

Rimage is excited to announce the availability of SOPHIA.  Read the press release, blog, and more!

Rimage Data Lifecycle Management

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Rimage products and solutions cater to a variety of markets and applications. Select your market to learn how Rimage will integrate with your workflows, explore case studies, and more.

Products & Solutions

Rimage end-to-end digital solutions empower your organization to easily manage every stage of the data lifecycle.

CatalystN II

Industrial grade hardware, office friendly design and professional quality disc production.

RX400M USB-Solution

The RX400M is the evolution of the well-known Rimage patient CD solutions.

Producer™ V 8300N

The next generation Producer V is the most powerful disc publishing system from Rimage.

Data loss can be hard and expensive.

$ 470

Million in Ransomware Attacks in 2022


Percent average Number of Data Loss After Paying Ransomware


Percent business Attacked Paid Ransomware in 2022

Why a Defense in Layers Approach is Key to Your Cyber Security Strategy

Malware, ransomware, insider threats … the list of potential Cyber Security threats continues to grow. It’s not a matter of if your company will suffer from a cyber attack, it’s a matter of when.

Insurance companies are taking note: they’re toughening their underwriting standards and charging more for cyber liability insurance.

No two threats are exactly alike, and different cyber security threats call for different security measures. That’s why you must take a Defense in Layers approach to protecting your data, including a solution for offline, removable storage in case your online data is attacked.


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