With 40 years of experience enabling data stewardship, Rimage is a trusted partner in helping organizations optimize operations, reduce storage costs, recover from cyber attacks and disasters, and ensure data integrity for long-term preservation and compliance.

Combining advanced AI technology with storage, engineering, robotics, and software expertise, Rimage offers customizable solutions that seamlessly integrate into any workflow and cater to specific data lifecycle requirements. Industries such as healthcare, law enforcement, and manufacturing rely on Rimage for their complex data management needs. Notable clients include Boeing, IBM, Medtronic, Airbus, and Fuji.



Rimage is a pioneer and innovator in developing and manufacturing systems for digital data distribution and archiving.

By combining engineering expertise in robotics and digital media with software that provides the powerful brain behind automated disc creation, Rimage has led the industry for 40 years.

From floppy discs of yesterday to today’s optical discs with soaring capacity and unmatched reliability, our products have earned a world-wide reputation as leading solutions in on-demand digital publishing.

Leadership Team

The Rimage global management team is comprised of talented industry leaders with extensive experience.

Christopher Rence

Christopher Rence

President and CEO

Rick Bump

Chief Revenue, and Operations Officer

Alan Chang

Vice President of APAC

Jennifer Cisar

Assistant Controller

May Lin

Director of Operations

Crystal Welna

Chief Human Resources Officer


Executive AI Advisor

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