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The 2450 system is a high-performance, front-office solution for automated CD/DVD Production. Your workflow will benefit from a fully-automated and intelligent in-house robotic solution with a low long-term cost of ownership.

Rimage 2450 optical disc system for Digital Data Distribution

The 2450 is a compact, high-performance system for automatically burning and printing patient data to CDs, DVDs and Blu-ray Discs™ (BDs). With easy set up, reliable automation and permanent direct-to-disc printing, the 2450 benefits system integrators, front offices and end-users.

Rimage 2450 Professional

Ideal for medium-volume requirements

Our Professional Series 2450 incorporates proven, durable components, air filtration innovations, new usability features, a small-footprint frame, and choice of printer. The 2450 is a best-in-class system that is unlike anything else in the market.

Value for System Integrators

Dedicated Support

Rimage’s worldwide service organization has dedicated applications engineers to provide support during all stages of system integration.

Easy Integration

Rimage’s SDK and API enable simple integration with custom workflows for an ideal fit.

Competitive Advantage: Unrivaled Print Quality

The integrated Encore® 400 printer’s high-resolution, vibrant, permanent, waterproof and UV-resistant direct-to-disc printing sets the 2450 apart from other optical disc systems.

The Rimage SDK enables applications providers to create solutions with:

• Hands-off operation
• Parallel processing—data acquisition, recording and printing
• Error recovery and monitoring
• Accurate consumable monitoring
• Rapid disc output
• Professional label printing
• Adaptive streaming
• Disc spanning
• Disaster recovery
• Bulk read—automatic reading of one or many
discs without user intervention
• Remote monitoring

State of the Art Software

Seamless integration with custom workflows and information systems

Professional Direct-to-Disc Printing

Recording medical data is only part of the job. The 2450 produces archival-quality discs with full-color images and digital information printed directly onto the disc surface.

Rimage’s Encore 400 thermal retransfer printer permanently bonds images and information onto the disc to create the industry’s best on-demand discs—the information will not scratch, smear, peel or fade over time. Producing CD/DVD/BDs with high-quality direct-to-disc printing is a competitive advantage for any medical facility.

Value for Partners and End-users

Simplified Operations

2450 Media Kits provide guaranteed
high-quality and perfectly-matched packages of ribbons and discs, making stocking and procurement convenient and predictable.

Reliable Workflow

Rimage front-swappable recorders make the occasional replacement a less-than-one-minute process, and the rotating three-bin carousel enables three different media types to be online at the same time.

Competitive Advantage: Customized, Professional Discs

With the 2450’s automatic printing, manually hand-written labels are a thing of the past. Discs can be customized to market customer facilities with specific logos and images, and end users get a professional, durable, high-quality deliverable every time.

Rimage Software Suite

• QuickDisc™ is the user interface to Wizard-based project startup, CD Designer and Rimage System Manager. (Figure 1)
• CD Designer™ helps users design labels with custom graphics and information by merging text, photos, barcodes and serial numbers to create a personalized disc artwork. (Figure 2)
• Rimage System Manager allows facilities to easily monitor and control the Rimage system—change equipment configuration, monitor media/consumable levels and track job status. (Figure 3)


Value for End-Users

Reliable Records

Rimage’s permanent, thermal-retransfer printing—the same technology used to print credit cards—protects optical discs from water damage and general wear and tear.

Shorter Wait Times

Rimage systems print discs in less than one minute, so end-users never have to wait for their personalized discs.

Competitive Advantage

Rimage CD-R media is guaranteed for 100 years, and DVD media for 30 years—digital data will be accessible and readable now and well into the future.


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